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The finest macarons in Paris by deviantkupo The finest macarons in Paris :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 3 0 View from a rainy Eiffel Tower by deviantkupo View from a rainy Eiffel Tower :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 3 1 The Louvre at dusk by deviantkupo The Louvre at dusk :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 1 0 Paris by deviantkupo Paris :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 5 1 Layfield Lake, Norfolk by deviantkupo Layfield Lake, Norfolk :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 2 1 Sunrise @ Palling Park by deviantkupo Sunrise @ Palling Park :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 11 5
Dealing with IT - Part 2
     Simon spent the rest of the morning answering tickets and sending emails, before going to lunch at 11:58, which was close enough. He proceeded downstairs to a secluded break area, which was full of quite comfy but oddly horrible looking sofas and some gently humming vending machines.
     He bought a few fizzy drinks, opened one and gulped down half of it, then lay down for a nap. His eyes opened fifty three minutes later with abject panic. He checked his phone and, realizing his lunch was almost up, set an alarm for two minutes in the future and continued napping.
     Simon woke up two minutes later feeling even worse than his journey in to work that morning. He really had to stop staying up late, drinking and eating crap and sleeping on the work sofas, which had left a surprisingly deep imprint of the coarse fabric on his face.
     He tried holding air in his cheeks to try and p
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 0 7
Dealing with IT - Part 1
     Simon Taste arrived for work late and without his ID badge. On mornings like this he vowed never to drink so much the night before work. He had consumed a bottle of wine and several beers and as such, he had forgotten to bring his ID badge and put his shirt on the right way round.
     He approached the reception desk of his building slowly.
     "Good morning!" one of the security guards said.
     The building was open from seven a.m. which was two hours ago. They had drunk their coffee, chatted with their mates and generally woken up. Simon was not even convinced he was awake yet.
     "Morning. I forgot my badge."
     "Oh dear, late night was it? Haha, I'll just sort you out a temporary one. Who's your manager?"
     "Gaby Mugabe."
     "Oh, really?"
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 0 3
Paedophiles Anonymous by deviantkupo Paedophiles Anonymous :icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 7 18
Queen James Bible - Exodus

Excerpt from the Queen James Bible, Exodus 19 to 22
Further reading available at

19:1 Thus, Moses was alone once more. He looked to his left, where God was grinning at him maniacally. "Yes," he thought, "I am thoroughly alone!".
19:2 However, Moses was befriended by a man called Bob. Bob was a pretty cool dude. He was into the same kind of shit as Moses. Playing poker, lassoing turtles, etc etc.
19:3 The only thing about Bob was that he inexplicably embraced death in every possible situation. For example, if an extremely slow car were to move towards Bob, he would throw his head back, hold out his arms and prepare to be delivered to the lord. This annoyed most people, who tended not to kill him wherever possible.
19:4 So God called Moses up to Mount Sinai. He could have spoken to him on the ground, but things were just more difficult this way.
19:5 Bob pursued Moses. Then, a thunderous rockfall began a few hundred feet above them. Moses instinctively ra
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 5 4
Stanley Meets His Maker pt. 2
They reappeared, to Stanley's immense surprise, in a brightly lit but plain room, with cushions piled into a corner. A winged figure was lounging against them, groaning.
"Let's go," the Devil said firmly, marching towards the white door and wrenching it open.
They stepped into a similarly lit corridor.
"Is this... heaven?" Stanley asked, looking around in what he hoped was an appropriately awed expression.
The Devil turned on him and smirked.
"Hey, Stanley!" Dreadlord said. Stanley turned to see his face peering out of the door of the room.
"Er, are you... stuck?" Stanley asked, uncomfortably close to Dreadlord's eyebrows.
"No," he said. He stood up inside the room and the door wobbled uncertainly before expanding to high above Stanley's head. He watched as the edges of the door were wavy and uncertain before snapping into a solid door shape.
Dreadlord stepped out of the room. Stanley heard the corridor expand to accommodate.
"I... see..."
Just as Dreadlord was about to break
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 8 23
Stanley Meets His Maker pt. 1
Stanley sat in his shed, listening to the ambience that surrounded his allotment. There was nothing to be heard but the chickens complaining and the vegetables growing.
He wished he had a fridge in his shed, because he didn’t like long life milk. He stirred his tea thoughtfully. He wished he had a TV, too.
Stanley finished stirring because his arthritis began to hurt.
Life had been good to him, he reflected. He’d been blessed with seventy nine years of life thus far, although he currently wasn't that pleased about it.
A voice said behind him, “Hello.”
Stanley sipped at his tea.
“Erm, excuse me,” the voice said.
Stanley turned slowly where he was sat, quite a simple activity and the only redeeming feature for stools.
"H..." Stanley began. He had no idea how this person could have entered his shed without his knowing, as it often took Stanley a considerable amount of effort just to open the door.
"Oh, sorry," the man said. "I didn’t mean to scare
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 8 13
Danger Pay In Zero Gravity Ch4
As McCaine and Nick walked out, the second policeman they'd met came marching towards them.
"What's going on? Is the prisoner dead?"
"He's not dead, he's not a prisoner and his name is Steven," said McCaine. She was not going to be spoken to like that by a police officer, especially in front of all the other police officers. "You are to escort the actual prisoner, who is outside, to the SIO's temporary headquarters on the moon."
"I am?"
McCaine, who realised she hadn't done this sort of thing in a while, said to the office as a whole, "Well done, officers. You did a great job today and you may have saved Earth!"
The officers look pleased. McCaine thought it best not to mention the whole Anthony Boss thing.
She continued, "Blue Skies is now officially a terrorist organisation and anyone not wishing to be branded a terrorist should probably leave, although you are of course welcome to join other environmental organisations. Officers, assist the young folks here in taking apart their head
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 2 1
Danger Pay In Zero Gravity Ch5
The owner laughed uncertainly while McCaine cut his ties and loosened the strap around him.
"Oh, thank you, thank you," he said, gushing praise and, McCaine hoped, nothing else.
He ran into the toilets, which McCaine had yet to have the pleasure of using.
She waited around on the sofa, rolling her head around. It certainly had been a stressful few days. She was looking forward to a holiday in Spain, Earth's primary holiday location, with the entire coastline one long, gorgeous beach, after extensive groundwork to make it so.
Much of the sea water was artificially heated, too, so even if the weather was bad, you could warm up in the ocean.
The owner took much longer in the bathroom than was really necessary. When he finally emerged she asked him, "Were you trying to find a way to escape? You do realise we're in space, don't you?"
"Yes, I know, I wasn't, I'm sorry, here, I'll be tied back up now."
McCaine sighed, "I don't really want to tie you up. If you promise to be good, I'll leave y
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 2 9
Danger Pay In Zero Gravity Ch3
It was 9am when Nick rose, which was early for Nick but not very on-time for work. He showered and dressed quickly and knocked on McCaine's door. She did not answer.
Nick assumed she had gone for breakfast, so he walked down stairs, through the lobby and into the restaurant, looking for McCaine. When he couldn't find her, he began to get a little worried, so he grabbed some toast and ran back upstairs.
"McCaine? Are you in there? Hello? Are you okay?"
"Urghhhh," came the reply, as the door clicked open. Nick saw McCaine shuffle back into bed. "These pills... they suck..." she groaned.
"To be fair, you do have radiation sickness. You need to rest."
"Work to do..." she moaned, showing no intention of actually doing any work and every intention of resting.
Nick shut the door behind him and turned the light on as dim as possible. This, it turns out, was still too bright.
"God, Nick, why..." she moaned.
At a loss for what to do, Nick decided to make some helpful suggestions. "Do you want s
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 2 0
Danger Pay In Zero Gravity Ch2
Nick woke to the sound of McCaine banging on his door.
"Come on!" she shouted, "Get up!"
Forgetting he was on the Moon, Nick leapt out of bed and crashed straight into the ceiling.
"Stop jumping around and let me in," McCaine called through the door.
Nursing a sore head, shoulder and arm, Nick opened the door. He had slept in his clothes because he had been quite tired and he generally liked being able to leap out of bed at a moment's notice. Nick checked the time.
"It's seven in the morning," he protested, in the vague hope that McCaine would realise she'd made a mistake and leave him alone.
"I know," she said, "I couldn't sleep."
"I could," Nick grumbled quietly.
"You need to do some clothes shopping," she said, ignoring him, "and I have business to attend to. I'll be having breakfast downstairs, don't hang about." With that, she swanned out.
Nick had a quick shower and, while drying himself with a towel probably more expensive than all the clothes he had, he looked forlornly at the
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 2 7

Random Favourites

Vince And Jules by barry-havoc Vince And Jules :iconbarry-havoc:barry-havoc 1 6
data loss
Everything is gone;
Your life's work has been destroyed.
Squeeze trigger (yes/no)?
:iconthickfurred:thickfurred 4 4
Super Square Get by IvoryDrive Super Square Get :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 17 66
L'Amour et La Mer
Such are the men in my life
Waves I ride, high above strife.
Crystalline waters until the apex
Whereupon they crash and I move on to the next.
Powerfully and swiftly they move
But never enough to permanently soothe.
Fleeting and fanciful, some end in a day.
But I've discovered I quite like it this way.
Except when I'm waiting on the flat, glossy ocean,
So close to the real world; it's pain and commotion.
It's then that I wish some man would feel
That way about me, that my emotions could be real.
But these waves always crash beneath my weight
The path of Cupid's arrow must not be very straight.
Ebbing and flowing, like the tides that carry me away.
It's times like these, days like today,
When I wish one would stay.
:iconsleeper-desolate:Sleeper-Desolate 1 2
Lonely Tree - by anocas Lonely Tree - :iconanocas:anocas 11 36
Church Incident
I was looking around the Church.  I was sitting far back enough so that the most of the mass was lost in the high, painted ceiling, among the cherubs and the gold leafing.  The people around me were looking for God.  There was one man reciting Hail Mary's, one after the other, not listening to the words he was saying.  One woman was sitting there, weeping quietly.  One or two were asleep.
They would never find God.  There was only one way to find God, I knew, and that was to be looking for him out of the corner of your eye…
"Aha!" I yelled, standing up, turning around and pointing…  Pointing at a man with a dirty mop in hand, and an overbite.  One of the sleepers had roused.  The priest at the front didn't miss a beat.  "Sorry." I told the janitor.  "I thought you were someone else."
The janitor watched the embarrassed man walk out quickly.
"That was too close." He said as h
:iconladygekko:ladygekko 190 98
so impatient,
just wait.
It'll all be better soon.
Death arrives,
exchange of hands,
powder-filled bag.
Life has never cost so much.
Little shelter,
cold wind and rain,
almost home.
Wherever that is today.
Cook up,
sit back,
deep breath,
and push that fucking plunger.
So noisy.
So silent.
So perfect.
So wrong.
So what?
I would spend,
in this moment.
If I could,
it feels so right,
so empty and forgotten
like the joining,
of body and soul,
In unity.
In peace.
Constrict the flow,
of the air you're breathing.
Ripping through the paradise,
of where you were hiding.
What good is circulation,
if it's just feeding your destruction?
Show some fucking respect,
and accept your fate.
No complaints now,
it's all your fault.
Feel the nothing,
return within.
Now pay attention,
to what you are,
and what you were.
Past tense.
Close your mind,
and close your eyes.
It's all over now.
:icondavidrussell:davidrussell 12 12
swim like fish
shallow streams of consciousness
lap against ankles dangled
from piers of perception
fed by pools of thought which
shimmer briefly- scrutinized
dissipating under x-ray glares
aquatic remembrances writhe
in charred baked beds of
and in the end your throat
burns and we're all sick
of water.
:icontorn-pages:torn-pages 29 83
Citrus Glutton by cynic Citrus Glutton :iconcynic:cynic 33 88
Tragic Tale of The Chip Shop
Once upon a time,
there was this dude who liked chips,
with peas and gravy.
One nice winter day,
when it was snowing and stuff,
he wanted some chips.
"Wow An adventure!"
The chip shop was miles away.
"They better not go cold."
It is really bad,
when a poem contains speech.
Writer needs shooting.
So off Jim galloped.
For our chip boy is called Jim.
And he has a horse.
How do cows eat grass,
if it is covered in snow?
Must be very hard.
The ground is slippy.
"I hope we do not slip, horse."
But, alas, they slipped.
Serves the tosser right.
He should have walked , not ridden.
It's not your fault, horse.
And so ends chip boy.
Jim will never ride again.
Because he is dead.
Horse sold his story,
for lots and lots of horse food.
And, of course, a Hug.
:icondavidrussell:davidrussell 6 16
Fifteen -- The Waters of...
have you ever swam
in the waters on
Bourbon Street?
the waters are green
on st. patrick's day
and you think that
the locals dye the
filth as an inside
joke, teasing chicago's
great green lake
on lake shore drive.
there are just so many
drunks there you'd
think it was just
the fire hoses
and Hurricanes
blasted away
with Hand Grenades
and fragmented
shot tube shrapnel
until you
initiate yourself
with the place
by marking your territory
on a building
with white masonry
and green shutters.
suddenly, you have
the brightest insight
of your night.
:iconjkastran:jkastran 9 10
Hands and flame 1 BW by lexidh Hands and flame 1 BW :iconlexidh:lexidh 173 43
Eternal Regret
No more poems
Of the good old times,
Just aging truths
And forgotten rhymes.
I knew it would work
Just the day before,
But these broken dreams
Won't fit anymore.
Beaten I stood
Still broken I stand,
I just couldn't see
The time was at hand.
Who knows where
Our paths could of lead,
Left now cold and vacant
Since you chose him instead.
Opportunity missed;
Slipped through my fingers
With eternal regret
Forever I linger.
:icondiddilly:diddilly 3 11
Guilty From The Womb
Chained to the dock with no escape
No chance of running free,
Caught by my past to face
The destiny of me.
Broken I confess my sins
What else can I do?
Out my hands fate now falls
To 12 men good and true.
Now I face ...... my last,
Now I taste
And retrace ..... my past.
Now that the end is soon,
I've come to take you, I've come to hate you,
Evil will consume,
Those guilty from the womb.
I take to the stand with no remorse
No forgiveness do I plea,
Behind troubled eyes a broken stare
At the men condemning me.
Considering all that I have done
I have nothing to repent,
No emotion from my vacant soul
As I'm read my sentence.
A public cry to hear my fate
Awaits with bated breath,
Knowing blindly for my crimes
I only deserve death.
But now the voices that are in my head
Have found me guilty,
Never knowing that their verdict of death
Has finally set me free.
:icondiddilly:diddilly 2 5


My most popular short story (and the 11th most popular on dA!) got picked up for a collection.

You can all buy 20 copies here:… (you can find it on the UK Amazon too, which ships over the EU)

I was so delighted, I gave it a right good sprucing up for the book :D So, if you ever thought that story could be better - it is and it's in print! It's called "Under The Stairs" and features a lot of short, snappy fiction.

Inspired by being put in a book, I started a new novel. It's about a hopeless IT support guy who gets embroiled (great word) in a vast conspiracy. And it has jokes in. I really like it - feels like a less pretentious Douglas Coupland and look how successful he is!

Also, if you just want to read some of my stuff I recommend this:

Stanley Meets His Maker Short(ish) Story

A tale of a simple old man who has a run in with the Devil that takes him on a journey of accidental self discovery and enlightenment.

Part One -… Part Two -…

Classified - Failed comedy novel I hope to one day finish because I think it's hilarious.

Classified is a comedy that follows a group of three young school kids, convinced two aliens have infiltrated their school. Matt, Brian and Louis combine their knowledge of popular television programmes, brain power and wit to fight the alien subterfuge and reveal them for who they really are.

Day One…
Day Two - Morning…
Day Two - Afternoon…
Day Three - Morning…

Danger Pay In Zero Gravity - Failed sci-fi comedy novel. Also hilarious.

DPIZG is a science fiction comedy story that follows Nick Hall, who somewhat stumbles into the role of a secret agent protecting the solar system from hidden dangers. The story leads Nick and other, more qualified secret agents from Earth to the Moon, various space stations and all manner of cafés.

DPIZG - Chapter 1 -…
DPIZG - Chapter 2 -…
DPIZG - Chapter 3 -…
DPIZG - Chapter 4 -…
DPIZG - Chapter 5 -…

* * *

PS: The character limit. It sucks.
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